A new perspective is
the key to improving
your human resources.

People are a business's most important resource. But businesses have found that programs to improve their employees' problem solving and personal skills haven't always given them the return on their investment they were looking for. For that reason, many businesses have been investing more in technology and other resources, and less in their human resources.

One reason businesses have not been able to have the ROI they've wanted from programs for their employees is that their programs have been focused more on changing their employees' behaviors than their perspectives.

The problem is this: Any effort to teach a behavior to someone that is not supported by their perspectives isn't likely to give a good return on the investment. That's because people's perspectives are fundamental in shaping their behaviors and the solutions they bring to mind.

So to improve your human resources — to improve, for example, the solutions that come to mind or their interpersonal skills — the focus must be on teaching a new perspective.

But it's not simple developing a program that can successfully teach a new perspective. That's because people's perspectives are very important to them. Before a person replaces a perspective, they must really want to change it.

Usually, what causes us to change our perspective is a real-life experience that is meaningful to us — that leads us to want to change our point of view. So for a program to succeed in changing a perspective, it must provide the right kind of real-life experiences.

These real-life experiences must take into account that our perspectives are deeply rooted in us. This is especially true when it comes to skills as fundamental as problem solving, group interaction and leadership.

So for a program to be effective, it must provide each individual participant the experiences they require to make a change in their perspective. It must really bring home to them, through actual experiences, that they will have much better outcomes with the new perspective.

Because people are unique, it can take years of development before a program to teach a new perspective is just right — where it can meet the needs of a broad range of people. But once it's right, like The Key to Winning Program, businesses have a powerful, cost-effective tool to make significant improvements in their human resources.

Because of the fundamental nature of our perspectives — the way they shape our behaviors and the solutions that come to mind — we get a great deal in return when we improve them. A new perspective impacts virtually all of a person's skills and behaviors, improving their performance in many areas.

Another reason businesses have not been able to have the ROI they've wanted from programs for their employees is that only a few people can change their perspective in a day or two.

Motivational talks and short seminars mean that less time is invested by the employee, but it also means that there isn't going to be much of a gain, if any, in their problem solving and interpersonal skills. To have a significant gain, it's going to require a change in the participant's perspective.

The development of The Key to Winning Program has shown that businesses can now provide their employees what they fundamentally require to make valuable improvements in their problem solving and interpersonal skills. And it's shown that teaching a perspective that's been properly designed will significantly improve a range of skills that are important to profitability in business.

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