The Key to Winning
Program puts
individuals and
organizations on
a new and more
stable footing.

The Key to Winning Program teaches a new perspective that makes it possible to bring to mind solutions that everyone can wholeheartedly agree with, even when it wasn't possible before. To learn more about this perspective, read Why it Works.

It takes the right combination of experiences to learn a new perspective. The Key to Winning Program uses a unique format that provides those experiences.

In the classroom, participants do a series of exercises. Each of the exercises takes them, step-by-step, to this new perspective.

The classes are stimulating because participants are frequently having new awarenesses. These awarenesses provide the foundation for the new perspective.

The program has four 2-day class sessions, one every other week. On the days participants are not in the classroom, they do The Daily Program™. During this part of the course, participants are using this new perspective in their own lives.

Participants discover that when they use the perspective at work, they have much better outcomes than they were having before. The realizations they have from these very positive experiences add to the perspective they're learning.

In addition to the in-class training and The Daily Program, participants have a personal coaching session each week, by telephone, with their trainer. These individual sessions ensure that each participant is getting the expected results from the program.

The Key to Winning is effective for a wide range of people. Because of the format, it truly is a fit for each participant. As a result, every participant in a Key to Winning Program is going to have significant gains from the course.

During the program, participants are frequently surprised by how well this new perspective works.

Many times the results are inexplicable when compared with their experiences beforehand. For example, look at the gains this participant reported after using the perspective in a difficult situation:

When I left, I realized several things — I had cleaned up several misalignments with him; we both felt more relaxed; I had much more compassion and good feeling towards him than I've had in a long time; . . . I had more than enough energy left to spend on personal matters the rest of the evening.

In fact, I felt more energized than usual. That's that!

It really changes the outcome when the people involved can wholeheartedly agree with a solution — when a solution is truly a fit for them.

Participants learn, from using the perspective in their own lives during the program, that it creates a much more solid foundation to work from.

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