In the end, what's
most important to us
and our trainers is that
every student has a
successful program.

Center for Success is a highly skilled team of professionals, business executives, and trainers. In addition to our core team, there's been a large group of very skilled and dedicated people who have contributed to the development of The Key to Winning Program.

The idea for The Key to Winning came from an important discovery we made. We discovered that the perspective that people commonly use when they are creating solutions often limits them to a compromise solution when a diversity of viewpoints is involved.

Because of that discovery, we were able to develop a perspective that consistently brings a much more effective solution to mind — a solution that is much more of a fit for the people impacted by it.

Our mission is to teach this new perspective to people in organizations so they can consistently bring to mind solutions that are truly a fit for the people involved.

Learning the perspective will significantly improve their performance, and it will eliminate the disconnects — the unintended results — that often occur with compromise solutions.

We named the program The Key to Winning because individuals and organizations have a better outcome when their solutions are truly a fit for people. The "Key" is the new perspective we developed. It makes it possible to bring to mind solutions that can effectively embrace a diversity of viewpoints, which has been an ongoing challenge for business and other organizations.

The Key to Winning Program was created from the ground up. Because people learn perspectives in their own way, we had to design the course materials and guidance so they would work for each of our students. For example, one of our breakthroughs was adding individual trainer sessions to the program. This personal coaching permits us to customize the program for every participant.

To ensure that participants succeed in the program, we developed a trainer's program that's very thorough — it takes a year, or more, to complete it. To become certified to teach The Key to Winning, trainers complete several months of study, an internship in the classroom, and successfully teach a program with an experienced trainer present.

It required more than a decade to develop this new perspective and a program to teach it. We didn't stop until we had achieved our goals: to fully develop the perspective, and to be able to teach it to a broad range of people.

Because of our persistence and a great deal of support from others, The Key to Winning Program delivers important gains to every participant. And we're proud to say that the perspective we developed will give participants and their organizations something that they can truly value.